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2010/11 Reel Youth Film Festival Tour                                          2010/11 Reel youth Film Festival winning films


The Reel Youth Film Festival empowers young media makers to express their creativity, entertain audiences, and share their stories. The festival tour kicks off at the Vancouver International Film Festival and goes on to tour in partnership with youth media organizations, high schools, community groups and other established film festivals across Canada and around the world. [more]

2010/11 Touring Films

Copenhagen, The Musical
Orban Wallace & Tom Chadwick (Brighton, UK)
Like many other young activists, these friends made the journey to Copenhagen to witness the UN Climate Change Conference, convinced they were a part of a crucial moment in History. Shot amidst the chaos of COP-15, this is the musical journey that ensued.

Down the Drain
The Big Picture Alliance (Philadelphia, PA)
Four girls are vying for Darrel’s affection, but what Darrel really needs is a safe hiding place.

New Clear Vision
Henry Zaballos, The Factory (Oakland, CA)
An experiment in found footage fusing urban and post-apocalyptic images in an exploration of glory.

A Makeshift Reality
Kathryn McClure (Portadown, IRELAND)
A beautiful paper animation about a fox, chalk, a ladder and a tree.

A Story of Survival
Taylor White, The Factory (Oakland, CA)
A plea for peace in Oakland through the confessions and memories of those who have lost loved ones to violence.

Mime Crime
Jesse Bostick (Toronto, ON)
Can mimes rob a convenience store?

Keep It Real
Access to Media Education Society (Vancouver, BC)
This animated short depicts the frightening omniscience of media imagery and the way in which narrow and racialized notions of beauty can become internalized.

Spence Makes Sense
Reel Youth (Vancouver BC)
Spence is sure that everyone but him is ‘normal’, but, despite this, he can’t hide who he really is anymore.

Sneaker Heads
The Big Picture Alliance, (Philadelphia, PA)
Jordan has been saving his new shoes to wear for his girlfriend, but it seems his shoes have a date of their own.

Reel Youth (Vancouver BC)
A First Nation youth talks about his Auntie Janet, who disappeared in the Downtown East-Side of Vancouver, explores his history and the choices he makes in life.

Johnathan Boyd (Holywood, N. IRELAND)
‘To this place, I have come to rest.’ A rugged Irishman returns to the ocean.

Blake Ponto & Cassandra Wipf (Vancouver BC)
Struggling in their relationship and faced with new temptations, a man and wife go their separate ways in hope of finding a little piece of, well, we’ll call it happiness.

Michael Grant & Martin Lenes (Canmore AB)
The Directors explore the use of fear, and it’s impact on the world around us.

Sacrificial Ignorance
Reel Youth (Wells BC)
If only we had changed when we still had the chance…

AJ Lutsky, (Vancouver BC)
‘The other day my teacher called me a minimalist… this is my response’.

Callum Henderson (Newcastle, N. IRELAND)
The last and lasting memories of Alexandra Morgan.

Borderless Sky
Sahar Shakeri, Reel Grrls (Seattle WA)
Three Irani Immigrants describe their struggles and circumstances that landed them in the ‘America’.

Reel Youth & CampOut (Vancouver BC)
Word-play helps to unbarb this animation.

How to Set a House on Fire
Henry Zaballos, The Factory (Oakland, CA)
Adapted from a short story by Stace Budzko, this film tells the story of a man who breaks from his family and his past in one incendiary act.  


2010/11 Screening Locations

British Columbia:
Cortes Island            
Cowichan Bay       at the Cowichan International Aboriginal Film Festival
                                    Select films: Kaiya, Rise, Life in Reverse, Philanthropy, Trista's Dance,

Cranbrook              Cranbrook District Arts Council gallery
Creston                    with the McCreary Center Society
Hudson's Hope       with Hudson's Hope School
Prince Rupert          with The Prince Rupert Arts Council
Richmond               with Richmond Youth Service Agency
Smithers                   with SkeenaWild Film Festival
Sunshine Coast       with Black Cat Cinema
Surrey                       with the Canadian Red Cross and United Way of the Lower Mainland
Terrace                    at Skeena Jr Secondary School
Vancouver              with the Vancouver Latin America Film Festival
                                    select films
                                at the Roundhouse Community Centre with Out in Schools
                                 at the CFC 2011 Conference with the Vancouver Foundation
                                    Select films
                                 at David Thompson Secondary School
                                 at VanCity Theatre with DOXA Documentary Film Festival
                                    Select film: "Cody"
                                 at the Broadway Youth Resource Center
                                    with the Society for Children and Youth of BC
                                 at the Russian Hall
                                 at the Vancouver International Film Festival
Victoria                    with Victoria International Development Education Association
Wells                         with Island Mountain Arts and the Arts Wells Festival

Canada and International
Carbonear, NT       with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Deline, NT                at Ehtseo Ayha School with Tait Communications
Fort Simpson, NT      at Thomas Simpson Secondary School with Tait Communications
Goose Bay, NL        with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Jasper, AB               with The Jasper Sustainability Club for Youth
Labrador City, NL   with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Placentia, NL          with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Seattle, USA            with the Seattle International Film Festival
                                    Select films: Noticed, Weathered, a Makeshift Reality
St. John's, NL           with Nickel Independent Film Festival
Toronto, ON            Artscape Wychwood Barns with St. Alban's Boys and Girls Club


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