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                 THE ARDGLEN & ORENDA

Have you always wanted to get behind a camera,
or to take your filmmaking skills to the next level?

Is there some one that inspires you, or you look up to?

If you are nodding yes, then this program is for you!

• Learn how to plan, shoot, and edit a short film
• Work creatively with a small group of peers
• Help tell the stories of some one who inspires you
• Have a ridiculous amount of fun!

The Youth and Mentors Film Program is a unique
filmmaking workshop that will bring together youth
and adult leaders in the community, in a creative
collaboration to produce short films.

In this FREE program, you will work with a small group
to create films that explore the stories of 10 adult
mentors in your community.

Ten youth aged 13-19 will be chosen to participate.
No experience necessary!

All of the films will be screened as a part of a community film festival.  They will also be submitted to the touring Reel Youth Film Festival, distributed on YouTube, Facebook, and showcased on the Reel Youth website. 

This is a 6-day program. The dates are:                     Meals and snacks are included!

         Apr 30 - May 1  
4pm-8pm    (youth only)
         May 2 - 3           
  10am-4pm  (youth and mentors)
         May 9 - 10
          10am-4pm  (youth only; mentors May 10 2:30pm-4pm)

         June 11                4-8pm (youth and mentors meetup)
         July 16                 6pm Gala film screening!

Location: The Journey, 9 Ardglen Drive, Brampton, Ontario L6W 1V1     



Check out this documentary about our last youth and mentors program! 


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